Open, Open, Open!

by | May 21, 2021 | Kids Activities

We are so very pleased to announce that after a very long year of being closed because of Covid, The Gentle Barn has not only reopened our Cow Hug Therapy Sessions and Private tours, but starting in July, The Gentle Barn will reopen to guests on Sundays!
After a year of being isolated, home, scared, and unsure, you can now come out to The Gentle Barn and hug cows, cuddle turkeys, give pigs tummy rubs, pet goats and sheep, hear the animals’ stories of resilience, and feel hopeful, inspired, connected, and alive again!
If this last year was particularly difficult for you, please book a Cow Hug Therapy session. It will help ground, center, refocus, and reenergize you, helping you shed the trauma of the last year, and move you forward feeling hopeful and inspired.
Our animals are no strangers to hard times, and they all had to learn to forgive, let go, trust, and open once home at The Gentle Barn. Their stories inspire strength and perseverance, and their warm fur and feathers bring out the happy kid in all of us.
The Gentle Barn is a national organization with locations in Santa Clarita, St Louis, and Nashville, that rescues animals from severe abuse and neglect. Once healed, the animal’s partners with us to inspire people with the same stories of trauma, and connect children to the love and magic of animals. The Gentle Barn currently hosts virtual and in person private tours, Cow Hug Therapy Sessions, and are open to the public on Sundays.
Please visit to purchase tickets and for more info, and follow The Gentle Barn on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.



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