Schiit Audio High End in Old Town Newhall

by | May 22, 2021 | Old Town Newhall

Yes, it is pronounced like it looks. This audio industry is anything but normal and this pun-of-a-name company has taken the world by storm as customers experience the quality of the prod-ucts and keep coming back for more Schiit.
Started in 2010 by two audio industry veterans, Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat, Schiit stands out by their unique Multibit DAC, Digital Filter Technologies and innovative analog approaches–which put together means they specialize in better sound and better products. Now the store that started in a garage nine years ago sells over 100,000 units a year.
Schiit creates AMPs, DACS, PREAMPS, and a multitude of high-quality accessories vital to get-ting that perfect sound. And that’s just a small sample of the variety of products they offer.
Schiit is a national company, sending their quality merchandise all over the world. Their retail store in Old Town Newhall is a place where you can come and listen to all their gear before you purchase. This store sells Schiit gear only and provides buyers a chance to listen before they buy. The Schiitr is located at 22508 Market Street in Old Town Newhall and was created to make customers feel welcome to come and try out products.
“I love that location,” says Jason Stoddard, “we are well known, and some people come up from San Diego to listen to our products… we are changing the game in high end audio.”
Check out their website at for new product announcements, how to make purchases, or email with any questions you may have.



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