Schools Out For Summer The Divorce Anthem

by | May 21, 2021 | With Your Family in Mind

That used to be the anthem we blasted on our radios as loud as can be…now the tune can equate fear. I think the most difficult part of summer break is unilateral for all parents; keeping your children occupied. Twice as hard when you have to split time with an EX. Of course, it is important for parents to spend as much quality time with their children as they can, but add Divorce into the mix and you have yourself a real fun up-hill battle.

If you are in a high conflict situation with your co-parent it may not be the best idea for the kids to be switching back and forth between co-parents very often during the summer months. When dealing with divorce and summer break you must always have the benefit and welfare of your children as your number one priority. If your current situation with the co-parent is unsuitable for your children to be around consider having them spend the summer with relatives or at a summer camp. It is also always a good idea to discuss with your kids about summer plans prior to their summer break and to come up with options and hear their opinions.
Divorce and summer break for younger children
Younger children are often more impressionable and vulnerable at this time in their lives. Parenting is especially important to children when they are younger and in divorced families this means that the children spend relatively equal amounts of time with each of their co-parents. When dealing with divorce and summer break this can sometimes pose a problem as most co-parents have regular jobs. This makes it very important to plan ahead and request vacation time from your employer in advance. Leaving the children with a sitter during the day may be your only option, but you must take every opportunity that you can to spend time with them.
Divorce and summer break for older children
Older children often times like to make plans with their friends during the summer. This does provide some relief, but it does not mean that you have the luxury of slacking off as a co-parent. Instead, it requires you to do even more thorough planning for the summer months. You must sit down with your children and discuss what plans they already have for the summer and also what activities or trips they would like to do with you during this time.
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