True ‘Worth’ of Hearing Aids Measured in More Than Just Dollars

by | May 21, 2021 | Medical

When you find yourself mulling over the “cost” of hearing aids and searching for “cheap” devices, consider the investment you’re willing to make in improving your life and the lives of those around you through better hearing.
Research has shown that treating hearing loss with hearing aids has a direct positive impact on a person’s health, relationships, career and finances, and overall quality of life. When compared to the rate of inflation, the cost of hearing aids has actually decreased over time. Averaged over the lifetime of the instruments (3-5 years or more), the cost per day of a pair of advanced digital hearing aids is about $3.
Although easier to find online or in big box stores like Costco, inexpensive hearing aids typically are not ideal for individuals with sensorineural hearing loss—the most common form of hearing loss. That’s because these devices are not as good as premium hearing aids at distinguishing between background noise and voice frequencies. They’re also more likely to send loud feedback noises to your ears, potentially damaging your hearing even further.
Devices that cost $100 or less, usually aren’t hearing aids at all, but rather personal sound amplification products (PSAPs). Often listed under a variety of different names (Smart Hearing Amplifiers, Hearing Amplifier Aids, Digital Hearing Amplifiers, Personal Sound Enhancement Device, etc.), PSAPs simply amplify sounds – those you want to hear as well as those you don’t. This makes them essentially useless in complex, noisy environments when you’re trying to hear a conversation better.
Today’s more advanced hearing aids have a higher price tag because, well, they have more features and greater benefits—state-of-the-art sound processing and frequency response, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone apps, rechargeable batteries, tinnitus masking features, and more.
Beyond price, the service and care provided by a hearing professional are integral to a successful fitting, ensuring that your devices keep you hearing your best for many years. Such services include the initial hearing aid evaluation, hearing aid fitting, fine-tuning appointments, physical fit adjustments, cleaning and repairs, and batteries.
Consider making the investment in your overall health and wellbeing through better hearing. Call the hearing experts at Nola Aronson’s Advanced Audiology at 661-250-6781 or visiting for help selecting the right hearing aid for your individual needs, lifestyle, and budget.

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