Animal Assisted Literacy Program

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Education

When children fall behind in school because of a learning difference, trouble at home, or difficulty concentrating, they feel embarrassed and frustrated. The more they fall behind, the more they don’t want to try, and the issue gets worse and worse. The Gentle Barn can help with our animal assisted literacy program!
Instead of asking kids to read in front of others who might judge them or laugh at them, children can come to the safety of The Gentle Barn, practice reading out loud to a safe and unconditionally loving audience, while helping us heal a newly rescued, ill, or older animal at the same time. Reading out loud is one of the things our staff and volunteers do to help animals recover and feel safe, and now children struggling at school can help.
Instead of tutors, awkward time with teachers, or after school programs that frustrate children even more as they would rather be playing with their friends, now kids can look forward to coming to The Gentle Barn, be surrounded by adorable animals, feel valuable as they are helping animals, and practice reading at the same time.
Email us to set up a Gentle Barn reading program for your child at, we would love to help!
The Gentle Barn is a national organization with locations in Santa Clarita, St Louis, and Nashville, that rescues animals from severe abuse and neglect. Once healed, the animal’s partners with us to inspire people with the same stories of trauma, and connect children to the love and magic of animals. The Gentle Barn currently hosts virtual and in person private tours, Cow Hug Therapy Sessions, and are hoping to reopen to the public on Sundays in July. Please visit us at, and follow The Gentle Barn on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.



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