Avoiding Bitter Custody Battles

by | Jul 28, 2021 | With Your Family in Mind

One of the more horrific stories in the news this week was the salon shooting in Seal Beach, California. It was alleged that at least eight people were killed by a man enraged over a custody battle. Issues of custody commonly arise in Family Law cases. But they do not all have to be bitter custody disputes.
Prior to the break-up of a marriage, in most instances, both parents are actively engaged in raising the children. Sure, one parent may spend more time with the children because the other parent works. But there are few cases where both parents are not involved in actively taking care of the kids. So, if a parent can take care of the child while the marriage is intact, why does it become a problem after the commencement of dissolution proceedings? The point is that it should not.
Custody battles hurt everyone. They are expensive. They are emotionally tolling. They hurt your children and subject them to the possibility of a stranger evaluating you, your ex and the children and then making a report to the Court. Sure, there will be times where staying with one parent may endanger a child’s health, safety or welfare. And those are the cases where a custody battle may be unavoidable. But if there are no issues of drugs, alcohol, violence, verbal abuse or physical abuse, the parties should work together on reaching a compromise so that a stranger does not have to decide what is best for you and your family.
Custody battles do not have to be bitter. According to accounts from news organizations of the Seal Beach salon shootings, the man accused of shooting all of those people was described as a nice guy. The article I read indicated that “it was well known that he was bitterly disappointed about having joint custody of his son, and that he often said he disliked his ex-wife’s parenting skills.” Assuming a conviction, an eight-year-old boy will now be without any parents at all. It is essential that parents consider the effect of a custody battle on everyone, including their children to determine whether a custody battle is really necessary.
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