Expressing Gratitude with SRD Straightening Reins

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Education

“Showing gratitude has the following mental health benefits: Expressing gratitude can improve your mood. People who regularly express gratitude for the positive things in their life are shown to be happier overall, leading to lower rates of stress and depression. Showing gratitude can make you more optimistic”
So, on top of the reminder for you all to express gratitude to improve mental health, SRD Straightening Reins wants to express our deepest gratitude to the Foster Family Foundation. Without your continued support we wouldn’t be able to do everything we do.
Also this month, SRD invites the community to participate in our painting fundraiser on August 8, 2021 from 7p.m-9p.m. Hosted by Pinot’s Palette Valencia, we are coming together to promote hope with the Banksy-Inspired art piece for you to create and take home. Tickets are $35 per guest and can be purchased at the link below while supplies last.
SRD’s Summer School Visits!
When there is an unclear definition or understanding of what is expected, there’s no wonder there are problems and potentially chaos. Our SRD Team spent part of the summer session working with the SCV junior high schools and focused on defining what TEAM-WORK looks like, what it entails, and why it’s so important.
Students could SEE the importance of TEAMWORK and how essential that life skill is!
Students shared, “TEAMWORK is cooperating- not screaming when someone does something you don’t like.” “It’s working for a common goal, and not just 1 person does the work.”
“TEAMWORK is sharing ideas, being open minded, and understanding that everybody has a point of view.”
The TEAMWORK session concluded with one of the teachers sharing how much she noticed her students were back to engaging and working together as a group after spending time with the SRD herd on Monday.
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