Newly Renovated Sierra Crest Shopping Center

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Community

Everyone knows that good management and good business are two key elements to the success of any city, and Santa Clarita is no exception. The newly renovated Sierra Crest Center on Sierra Highway is a testament to this, as the asset manager of the Sierra Crest Center Group LP which owns the center, Joseph Huang can tell you himself.
“I think there’s a lot of catalyst to what’s going on in Santa Clarita with the population growth and all the master planning and development taking place,” he says.
The shopping center has recently undergone dynamic new changes and features an exciting set of tenants ready to cater to any and all business, service, and restaurant needs.
The shopping center includes tenants like Dunkin’, Aroma Thai, Las Delicias, Valvoline, Firestone, Express Auto Parts, and Revenant Body Art, to name just a few. Needless to say, the Sierra Crest Center offers a wide variety of businesses to accommodate every shopper’s needs.
The center is located conveniently along Sierra Highway and is just a few minutes away from the I-5 and SR-14 freeways, making it a prime location for businessowners and consumers alike. The Sierra Crest Center is situated right at the Sierra Highway offramp that exits the SR-14 North freeway, which only adds to its convenience in terms of location.
Many impressive renovations have taken place over the past several months, including the introduction of new management, the addition of an elevator, and a list of several other attractive changes that are sure to draw in new traffic – literally.
Additionally, the center features updated underground and ground level parking, which will help accommodate the influx of customers visiting businesses such as State Farm, Santa Clarita Cleaners, and Manoushee Café, all of which are available to serve Sierra Crest visitors.
The excellent demographics of the area make it one of the most exciting and attractive shopping centers in the area, and under the guide of a new managing team, the Sierra Crest Center is well on its way to becoming one of Canyon Country’s premiere shopping and servicing destinations.
“We’re working to find new tenants that want to be a part of this center. to make it a little bit more family friendly, so that it blends in better to what Santa Clarita has in mind,” says Joseph.
As of today, the center is currently open to new leases for retail, restaurant, and medical or professional office suites in need of an impressive and highly sought-after workspace.
For more information please call 925-999-0803.



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