Save Water in the Garden and Watch it Grow!

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Old Town Newhall

While it is true that many landscapes are over watered, it is important to remember that we still have to water our plants. Even while reducing our overall water usage, we can still enjoy a beautiful landscaped yard.
Keep in mind that all plants need water, even drought tolerant plants. Watering deeply but infrequently benefits all established plantings. The use of mulch around trees and shrubs will allow them to go longer periods in between waterings.
If you had a been watering your plants daily with small amounts of water, you may be surprised at how well they adapt to a deeper drink, less frequently. Water early in the day, especially as the weather warms, to reduce evaporation loss. Gradually let lawns reach a height of 3-4 inches. Longer blades of grass can mean going several days longer between watering. Spike or aerate lawns to insure the maximum water penetration. Or use soil penetration chemicals. Maintain your lawn healthy by fertilizing regularly. Healthy lawns have deeper root systems that can withstand periods of less water.
You can still plant new plants, flowers, and vegetables in your garden. Many common landscape plants are surprisingly water wise. Plants rated “Water Wise” need less water to survive. Ask your California Certified Nursery Professional which plants work well with limited water. Start them out with deep thorough waterings. The use of soil conditioners and organic amendments added to your soil will allow heavy clay soil to accept irrigation without runoff and will allow sandy soils to retain moisture for longer periods of time.
So with just a few changes to our normal watering habits, we can all enjoy a beautiful, green garden and fresh food all year long.
For additional information, consult the garden pros at Green Thumb Garden Center, 23734 Newhall Ave, Old Town Newhall. For more details call them at 661-259-1071. Follow Green Thumb Santa Clarita for events, specials and news.



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