The Journey of Becoming Blonde

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Old Town Newhall

Marilyn Monroe once said that becoming blond changed her life and made her a star. The same could be said of many platinum hued mega stars.
Blond color is youthful, fun and sexy. A lot of us go for blonde at least once…why not? The perfect blond is like red lipstick…it is choosing the right shade that makes it work.
At The A LIST, we love the process of creating the most flattering color for our clients. Are
you wearing the same shade of blond with no updates? Have you had so many highlights that you forgot what color you are? Let’s take it back to basics and rediscover your sexy.
Being blonde is a journey. Let’s take it together.
However, there are key points to keep in mind before you go from dark to blond. I would like to share this information for every woman when considering a hair color update…we are dealing with chemicals. Chemicals in every profession have their challenge. When you are going from dark to lighter there is a chemical process that must happen to change the color. As the process occurs the darker hair is lightened first to a reddish orange, then to an orange gold, then golden yellow and finally the desired “level” of blond is reached, but not always the desired “tone”.
Often the color has to be toned to achieve the beautiful result. We are in instant gratification society. Ladies come in to the salon with brown or black hair and hope to leave the salon on the same day with perfectly platinum buttery blond.
There are times that it works like this, but in many cases it takes a few processes to achieve perfection. Allow the process. Be aware of this. Never go in for a color update the day of an important event. Allow a few days for any adjustments that may be needed. Color means chemicals. Communicate with your stylist with what you are looking for. Bring pictures. Take the journey together.
Come see Sally Van Swearingen at The A LIST Hair and Makeup Studio located at 22508 6th Street, Suite A in Old Town Newhall.. Please call 661-260-1136 to schedule your appointment. Visit our website:


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