Who Are We? And What We Stand For?

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Education

The William S. Hart Union High School District is a district known for excellence. The Hart District excelsin academics, athletics and so much more. It is important to take a moment to focus on what it means to be excellent. According to Webster’s, to be excellent is to beverygood of its kind; eminently good; or superior. At are cent special governance meeting of the Hart District board of trustees, we spoke about our values. As the conversation began, we recognized that it is our values that serve as the anchor for who we are and what west and for. It is the metaphorical understanding of anchor that represents stability, confidence, hope and consistent strength. The anchor alsore presents overcoming adversity and being resilient. And just as lowering the anchor symbolizes these things, lifting the anchors equally important a sit symbolizes moving forward and beginning a new journey. Excellence was at the center of the Hart District values, anchoring all we do. It was surrounded by the values of accountability, collaboration, courage, perseverance, boldness, innovation, equity, fairness, inclusiveness, kindness, respect and integrity. It is these values that will continue to provide both stability and the ability to move us forward.

An example of this is the recent board vote to retire the Hart High School mascot. That decision, while difficult, is reflective of our values. It also shows our ability as a community to listen, learn and seek to understand each other better. We will not always agree, and that is ok, but we must uphold our values for who we are and therefore how we engage with those we may not agree with. My goal throughout was to model being collaborative, courageous, fair, equitable, inclusive, kind, respectful and to act with integrity. To that end, I am truly grateful for the emails I have received since the vote from those who disagreed with the decision made, who have reached out to share their appreciation of maintaining calm and stability throughout this proceeding. It is knowing what anchors me that allowed for that. I ask everyone reading this to pause and reflect on what it is that anchors you. Knowing that should give you stability and the ability to positively move forward. School will start later this month. Summer was again too short. We learned that when we re-turn masks will be mandated. Instead of focusing on that, I am focusing on the fact that on Au-gust 10, 2021, our schools will be fully open for our students. I am focusing on knowing that the excellence in education that families in Santa Clarita expect will continue to anchor our actions. I am looking forward to seeing students back on campus every day and to seeing classes full. It is a true honor to get to serve our students and staff and to know that even during the most difficult of times, we know what anchors us in the Hart District. Please always know I can be reached at cmoore@hartdistrict.org.



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