Words to Live By

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Gifts from the Heart

Words impact us in so many ways and in many ways our lives are ruled by them. Some we say out loud, and some we keep to ourselves. Some linger and shape our outlook for the day, and sometimes they shape our entire destiny. Woven together they create a tapestry we call story and if told in just the right way by just the right person they compel us to listen. We treasure these stories here at our little “meet and greet” table at the store. We have learned from our clients that we are more alike in our struggles than not, that family and friends can take us through the rough times, and that laughter and connection is still the best medicine. Creating our own little community that wants to connect, play, learn from each other, and encourage new adventures is who we are. Laura and I believe that with a strong community we can accomplish our dreams, finish or redo our homes, appreciate victories, and come together in thoughts and ideas. As the world opens up, weddings, graduations, baby showers and milestone celebrations are coming back to us. At our little table we are starting to map out everything from vacations, party plans, and buckets lists to new wardrobes with flair, fun, and style. What we share at the table is up to you, but we are always eager to learn more about the people we serve. Our store has something for every age, every member in your inner circle, and most importantly for you. You may find a beautiful new outfit and jewelry collection for the upcoming June wedding, or a gift for dad that makes him laugh and impart more words of wisdom. Your words are an important part of our story, they help us to understand where you have been and where you hope to go. We love being a part of your journey and you being a part of ours! If you want to know more about us please stop by and take your seat at the table, 25269 The Old Rd, Unit L; Stevenson Ranch 91381.



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