Behavioral Problems with Our Pets

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Pet Services

Our pets are like our family, but because they can’t talk to us to tell us if they are stressed, bored or ill sometimes our dogs and cats will try to let us know what they are feeling in some unpleasant ways. Our furry friends may start to show destructive behaviors, aggression, and house soiling and it can be tricky to solve these problems once they start.
Dogs that are acting destructive aren’t necessarily “bad dogs” that are doing these things on purpose or to be vengeful. Usually these dogs are bored or anxious and need exercise and stimulation. If they aren’t getting enough mental and physical stimulation with what their owners provide, then they will try to get it on their own in sometimes inappropriate ways. To help prevent these behaviors, first and foremost make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. Taking long walks, hikes, or jogs may be enough for him or he may need a bit more. Something as simple as putting a weighted pack on him while on the walk or hike suddenly will give him a feeling of purpose: he has the job of carrying a pack for you. When your dog has a sense of purpose he will put more focus into his task and expend more energy. Another form of stimulation and exercise that many different breeds can participate in is agility training. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can participate in agility for fun or for competition.
Cats are creatures of habit. They feel the most comfortable with routine. Anything to upset their routine will cause them stress and that is often when inappropriate elimination and destructive behaviors arise. If there are going to be some changes to their home environment that they may find stressful, try to limit their territory for that period of time to a smaller room away from the stressor where their food, water and litter box can be kept as well. Cats are very clean animals. If you are not being diligent about cleaning out their box they may start to let you know by urinating or defecating in other places. With multiple cats, I find it also helps to have one more box than you have cats. For instance, if you have two cats I would suggest two if not three litter boxes for them to use. Lastly, if your feline has taken to playing roughly with you, lashing out or acting aggressive, take a look at the way you are interacting with him. You may be instigating or encouraging unwanted behavior and not even realize it.
Cinema Veterinary Centre is located at 23460 Cinema Drive, suite L in Valencia 91355, (661) 253-9300.

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