The Holiday Season Begins With a Scream Halloween Planning for the Divorced or Separated

by | Aug 26, 2021 | With Your Family in Mind

No, the screaming isn’t from you or your children. Maybe it is because Halloween is the first of the fall holiday season you are about to be dealing with holidays and the children. After Halloween comes Thanksgiving followed by Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and then the New Year. So I think the idea of starting it out with a holiday based on make believe costumes and candy isn’t the worst to begin with after all?
What can you do to ease into the first big shared holiday?
• Plan ahead. Communicate with your children’s other parent about the upcoming holiday. Does the Parenting Plan account for Halloween? Is your ex available to go trick or treating this year? Is there an opportunity to adjust the schedule? Whatever the final decision, don’t put the kids in the middle or leave it to the last minute. Maybe try doing it together if the kids are still young and you can get along for a few hours.
• Share the night and have twice the fun! If you and your ex live in different neighborhoods, make arrangements to have your child(ren) split the evening and trick or treat in both neighborhoods! The kids won’t say, “NO!” to double the candy!
• Blended Family? Who says you can’t do things together? Okay, so maybe it’s a little awkward to stroll around the neighborhood with your ex and his/her new spouse, but think about the message you will send your children: We love you. We are committed to you. We can put our issues aside for your benefit. And as an added bonus, you get to have chocolate with your wine later that evening!
• Not quite ready to be an Instagram Family? Split the holiday into separate events. If your situation simply does not allow for co-parenting, think about spending Mischief Night (October 30th) with one parent, and Halloween Night (October 31st) with the other. Costume shop or carve pumpkins with one parent, and decorate the house or trick-or-treat with the other.
• Spending the Night Alone? If none of the above will really work for your circumstance, and you find yourself planning on a quiet night with the lights off, let your children know that you’re OKAY! Don’t amp-up on your own loneliness, or that you will miss them so much while they’re out trick or treating and you’ll be all alone. Let your treat be giving them the knowledge and comfort that you’re having a fun evening too!
•Present health circumstances and celebrating: There is no question that Covid is always on everyone’s mind. Will this have an impact on the children’s candy intake and consumption, maybe. There are so many ways for you and your family to celebrate, even if you are not going door to door. Consider getting dressed up in costumes and having making your own haunted house. Depending on your level of concern, invite close friends and their kids in costumes and have a candy hunt in your home. There are many ways to deviate from traditional Halloween trick or treating. Whatever you do, remember, it’s always for the kids fun. Start planning now both ways and don’t wait to the last minute. Tomorrow is right around the corner.
Lastly, a word of advice: Don’t ask your children with whom or where they would like to spend Halloween. Your kids don’t need or want the pressures associated with having to choose. Assume that under different circumstances, your children would want to be together with both of their parents at the same time… and then work from there.
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