Getting Past a Beauty Funk…

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Old Town Newhall

I was that person, like many others, who followed the rules on staying home, and took it a little too extreme. In my book “Its Not Over Yet!”, launched back in 2014, I shared my successful journey of losing 20 pounds and keeping it off. Slowly though, after two knee injuries, a business makeover, Covid, and a severe digestive issue, I was blasted back to reality that I had put it all back on.
As a beauty pro, my job is, and always has been, to help women ‘Rediscover their Beauty Power’. I truly have passion for my life’s work of making both men and women feel powerful to take on the world. Our talents can lift, inspire, and rejuvenate!
Sometimes though, as leaders of this movement, we forget about a most important aspect of this… ourselves. It was during the Covid experience, when we were all forced to examine our lives and our processes. I discovered that my long time business habits of “putting out fires”, and not enough time for myself, left me exhausted and disillusioned.
Where did Sally go? How will I be able to “fill the glass” of my beautiful clients if mine was empty?
It started with a search for a healthy lifestyle program that would work well in my busy schedule, along with a convenient and doable workout program that truly understood women of a ‘certain age’, how to strengthen, regain energy, without getting injured.
I made the commitment in January and happy to report that I not only lost the 20 I had regained but an additional 17 pounds as well! I now have the ‘energizer bunny’ vibe back and an even more intense passion for my job as a freelance Sports Makeup Artist, TV Makeup Artist, and my beloved A LIST Hair and Makeup Studio, where I work privately with my ladies to create exciting new updates to their color, style and makeup look.
When we lose ourselves; it can happen very slowly and quietly. I talk to so many women who I see have given up. I now know it’s NOT too late and we are NOT past our prime! We can still look and feel beautiful, with simple changes and mindset. If YOU feel that you have lost your edge, I would honor the opportunity to help you recharge! Let’s do this! Thank you, Sally
The ALIST Hair and Makeup Studio is located at 22508 6th Street, Suite A in Newhall. Please call 661-260-1136


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