How Food and Drink Can Affect Your Oral Health

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Medical

Have you ever given thought to how what you eat, and drink can affect your oral health? Two of the most prevalent diseases, tooth decay, and periodontal or gum disease, may be preventable by changing your diet. Decay is a result of acids produced by oral bacteria destroying your teeth and other hard tissues of the mouth.
What Food and Drinks Should I Avoid?
Certain foods and drinks will leave you at a higher risk for dental problems. Although acidic foods, such as lemons and limes, may be delicious, frequent exposure can erode your enamel. The erosion will lead to tooth decay and potentially periodontal disease.
When you are snacking, try to avoid soft, sweet, and sticky foods that will cling to your teeth and promote tooth decay. You may end up at a higher risk of dental problems, such as tooth decay in comparison to other snacks.
Avoid drinks that contain sugar, as they allow the sugar molecules to coat your teeth and hide in hard to reach areas. Limit your alcohol consumption as it causes a reduction in the flow of saliva, leading to tooth decay and other oral infections. Did you know that heavy alcohol use increases your risk for mouth cancer?
Remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly to prevent dental problems! Don’t forget to get your teeth cleaned professionally to leave your mouth, clean, fresh, and less prone to disease.
Your experts are a phone call away. Say goodbye to decaying teeth and say hello to a bright and beautiful smile!
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