Recipe Contest Will your favorite family recipe win?

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Community

I have been cooking since I was maybe seven or eight years old. It started with breakfast at my Grandma Rosie’s Cooking School. Each Summer a grandchild was given the opportunity to learn to cook at grandma’s house. It was two weeks of specialized cooking for kids. As each grandchild accepted, my grams would schedule their two-week window, ask our favorite color, and get the sets of measuring tools and instruments collected. My favorite breakfast to make is crepes. I spent almost an entire week of my two-week time working on perfecting the color and the flip. Grape jelly is my filling of choice—lots and lots of grape jelly—with a side of strawberries. To this day, I still use my grandmother’s cookbook when I cook. It has all of her notes, from at least 30 years of cooking with grandkids, and it’s my holy grail. I don’t share it with anyone, not even my sisters or my cousins.
Enter the Recipe contest by sending a photo and recipe for your best family dish to by October 15. I look forward to reading the stories that come in with each submission, and I cannot wait to try some of them with my family at home.



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