Yes, there is a warrior inside of you.  But somewhere beneath the layers of life, career, family, children, education, errands, etc., the warrior within gets stifled.  That deep-rooted spirit stirs now and then, but is too often ignored, especially by busy mom’s who are juggling a myriad of responsibilities that quickly zap mental and physical energy.


For those with small children who have chosen the path of full-time caregiver for these little bundles of energy, the demands on body and mind are often intense.  Who would have thought that such small statures could pack such a punch?

These inquisitive little minds and busy fingers and feet keep a well-grounded mom on her toes full-time.  So, to be sure you can be your best for your family and for yourself, call in the troops.  The Marines of The Warrior Fitness Camp are ready to help you develop a strong mind and a strong body.  Your mind is the key to success and your body and attitude follow the path of the mind.  They are outer reflections of what goes on deep within your thought life.  Those who have the courage to tackle one of the hardest jobs on earth, motherhood, will enjoy life-long benefits by disciplining their minds and bodies to be healthy and strong.  This discipline will ensure a legacy of being all they can be for their family and themselves.

While the kids are in pre-school or kindergarten, take an hour out just for you.  Join the Marines at The Warrior Fitness Camp and learn the most effective way to develop a strong mind.  You’ll experience the difference in body, soul (i.e., mind, will and emotions) and spirit in the shortest amount of time.  You’ll accomplish things you never dreamed possible.  The Warrior Fitness Camp is about helping you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams by walking with you every step of the way, The Warrior’s Way.  The way of honor, courage and commitment.  

Honor begins with you taking time out for yourself to look and feel better and develop greater self-esteem.  Courage is found as the Marines help you discover the courage deep within to go beyond your limits.  Commitment is a team effort between the Warrior Fitness training team and you to achieve your personal fitness goals.  Together, we can help you get in the best shape of your life.

Make time for you.  Set aside one hour to spend at The Warrior Fitness Camp while the kids are in school or daycare and create the woman of your dreams.  You’ll quickly find that the time you spend developing the warrior in you will give you the mental and physical energy you need to keep up with your bundles of energy and still have plenty of you left to give to friends, your spouse, your career; whatever your life endeavors.

The skilled trainers at the Warrior Fitness Camp are all United States Marines that have arrived to help bring out your personal best.  Call them today and get started on the path to personal victory.

For more information on The Warrior Fitness Camp, please call 661-263-8100 or 661-295-3200.  You can also visit .