Footwear has been an ever-increasing evolution in technology.  I remember the times when runners used to run in a shoe that was made only of foam (no shock absorbing technology) with a piece of fabric to hold your foot down with flat shoe laces.  Imagine how far running shoes have changed for the better and overall, keeping our legs healthier so we can run longer and farther.  Well, socks have taken on a new dimension too.  Socks are another important piece of gear that go hand-in-hand with great running shoes.  Your socks can make the difference in how much farther and longer you can run due to better comfort.

Socks have changed dramatically in technology.  The misnomer on sock fabric is that cotton is the best wicking material.  Actually, synthetic fibers have a better chance of pulling the moisture of your feet.  Cotton has one channel for the moisture to move through where synthetic materials have four channels of fiber to push that sweat out and evaporate through the mesh of your running shoes.

The most common known synthetic material is known as Coolmax.  Coolmax is not only found in socks, but other running accessories such clothing and hats.  Coolmax is the generic name for synthetic fibers.  Other names that companies use are Dri-Fit, Dri-Weave, Clima-Cool, Dry-Tech, etc.  
Besides the important feature of fabric these performance socks are also stitched differently than your normal everyday sock.  These socks are sewn so that the toe area is seamless.  Socks with seams usually cause irritation on the toes, which could lead to blistering.  

Also, the newer performance socks usually have an arch band.  The arch band is usually non-binding elastic that supports your feet underneath the arch and continues around to the top of your feet (or your instep).  This arch band promotes fluid and blood circulation in your feet so that your feet are less likely to fatigue.  The arch bands also help the sock stay in place on your feet and are less likely to bunch up at the end of your toes.
Quality socks also offer better sizing, come in different lengths and thicknesses.  These socks cater to a larger size run as opposed to your regular sock size that used to be sized as the common sizes from 9 to 11 or 10 to 13.  If your feet were smaller or larger than these sizes, your socks were either way too big and the heel of the sock popped up to your Achilles or you were stretching those socks out to fit bigger feet.  Performance socks range in size from small to medium to large and extra large.

Lastly, high performance socks can make the biggest difference for avid runners.  These running socks will keep the feet cooler, drier, more comfortable and less likely to fall asleep and blister.

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