Mineral Makeup – Healthy or Hype?

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

Dear Cathy,
There is so much talk about Mineral Makeup and it sounds great, especially since I have very sensitive skin. I’ve also heard about BB and now CC Creams.  I need a new foundation but there are so many different brands out there, I’m a bit overwhelmed. My question is: are mineral foundations all the same and what are BB & CC Creams?
Mineral makeup is as good as it sounds, however, not all mineral makeup is created equal!  A true mineral makeup is made up of only three natural minerals. These natural ingredients are: Titanium Dioxide- provides a full spectrum sun block and reflective properties which create an illusion of soft smooth skin. Iron Oxides-provide natural color pigment, and Mica-provides lubrication so minerals glide on easily and gives the skin a healthy glow. These three ingredients create a natural foundation that is actually good for your skin, goes on quick and easy with exceptional coverage, yet feels weightless without that powdery look! It is a complete natural sunblock! With that being said, a lot of big name cosmetic companies (and small) cut costs by adding cheaper ingredients, to the Mineral Makeup.  These ingredients (called fillers) change the mineral makeup chemistry, nothing pure or special about it.  These filler ingredients include: talc, corn starch, boron nitride, Dimethicone, Carnauba wax, any of the parabens, even botanicals change the minerals, the list goes on. To truly get the benefits of your Mineral Makeup please find out what is in it and, more importantly, what is not in it, before purchasing or re-ordering!  Cosmetic Concepts uses the highest quality of only those three natural ingredients! Not only do you get a higher quality of foundation that allows your skin to breathe, but we custom blend the minerals to match your unique skin perfectly every time at no extra charge! It takes less than five minutes, and is just $39.50 for 10 grams, lasts approximately nine months or longer! What would you rather have one perfect jar or too many jars including a light, medium, warmth and veil that you have to mix yourself?  We also adjust it for free anytime, if your skin tone changes. We offer a complimentary mineral makeup lesson to show you how to best apply it, and new tips and tricks to update your look.  Minerals comes in liquid now too, that we custom blend, as well as blushes, eye shadows and bronzers.
The “Beauty Balm” aka BB Cream is more like a tinted moisturizer that includes, primer, sunblock, foundation all in one. While the CC Cream aka “Color Corrector” has light diffusing properties to address redness or sallow skin.  Cosmetic Concepts also custom blends these Popular BB and CC Creams in a one-ounce jar to your skin’s specific needs.  For just $44, call and book your free seasonal makeup update today to see and feel the difference yourself!
For more information, please call 661-259-6117. 

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