Curly Girls

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

 If you were born with naturally curly hair, you might find yourself sometimes aggravated when it frizzes up in certain climates. As you likely know by now, humidity can wreak havoc on curly hair. Curly hair tends to be dry and therefore vulnerable to humid air — it simply wants to soak up moisture.  Thirsty curly or wavy hair expands in moisture, which causes frizz. But to think about it, how lucky are we!  Most women with straight hair have been jealous of our hair at some point or another wishing to have curls or wavy hair with body and volume. Women with limp, stick-straight hair spend hours of their lives with curling irons trying to mimic what comes naturally to us. How do I know this? On a daily basis I have people asking me to curl their hair with their service. They show me pictures of waves or bounce curls.  The Secrets to maintaining and styling naturally curly or wavy hair is to get a fabulous haircut and use the best or proper product for your hair. I emphasize proper because not all curly products are made equal. Some contain more conditioners, emollients, or oils that can be heavy on finer hair. However they work wonderful on thicker, coarser hair. If your hair is susceptible to dryness, frizz or dandruff, keep away from products with alcohol and treat you hair to a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week. We offer in salon treatment that can be done before a haircut using our Deva Curl Hair in Heaven and added heat. It is a wonderful treat that helps with dry ends.  The next tip for maintaining curly or wavy hair is how you apply product. Most women apply product to the top of their heads, which can weigh hair down.  The best way to apply product is to start in the back where hair is thicker. I like to turn my head over and apply from the back forward; you can also work the product through the sides and at the top of the head. Some curly girls comb their fingers though there hair and add small amounts of product as you make your way through sections of hair. If you looking for volume apply product like mousse to the scalp with your head tipped over. With a wonderful haircut and proper product selections for your hair you will be one Happy Curly Girl. Come in and see the new products we have for Wavy hair!
We now offer personal one on one Deva Curl Clinic with Deva Curl three-step $20. Each personal clinic includes a consultation, product knowledge, deva curl three-step (where you get to try different products) and get product recommendations as well as 10 percent off all products purchased during your visit.
For consultations or any questions, please free to call Lavish Salon at 661-253-3483.  We are located at 25269 N. The Old Road, Suite K in Stevenson Ranch.

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