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by | Jan 23, 2017 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

 Dear Cathy, I’ve seen your ad for a long time and really want to do something with my brows. They are getting sparse and I hardly have any brows so I draw them on every day, which takes quite a bit of time, not to mention each day they look different.  I get so frustrated but I’ve been afraid to get the permanent makeup because well… it’s permanent. What if I don’t like it or I want a different color as my hair color changes?  I’ve heard good things about your work and one of the ladies I work with just had permanent brows and eyeliner done by you and it looks really good and very natural, she said you did hair strokes for her.  What can you tell me to put me at ease? – Carla in SCV
Dear Carla,
Permanent makeup/micro blading is wonderful for those like yourself who don’t have much brow hair, or who’s eyesight isn’t what it used to be, unsteady hands, or just busy. It’s a definite time saver! Not to mention you wake up with the same beautiful brows each morning and don’t have to wonder what shape they will take on that day! To put your mind at ease, the way I work is you will see it before we actually do it, so there is no guessing whether you will like it or not.  If we are doing permanent eyebrows, for example, I numb the brow area with an effective topical numbing technique that makes any pain minimal. Then draw in to fill in your brows, measuring them and getting them looking technically as close to perfect as we can, and in the shape that flatters you and you are comfortable with.  It is not until we have them just the way we both want the brows to look, that we move into the permanent makeup room. I go over color and use my expertise to guide you to the most complimentary color for your skin tone, hair and eye color, etc. Once we start the actual procedure it takes under 30 minutes, for brows or eyeliner. You will also be happy to know, that we can change, lighten or darken the color of the brows, eyeliner at any time, to suit your needs or desires.  Permanent makeup will get softer in time. I recommend having a color boost every few years to keep it looking fresh. Do not let anyone tell you it will last forever! Permanent makeup is the perfect solution to enhance the appearance of sparse brows using the new hair stroke method for a super natural, fabulous brow. The Permanent Makeup procedures I provide for my clients are done using today’s state-of-the-art digital machine for cosmetic tattooing. The sterile disposable needles implant pigment very precisely for each hair stroke.  Few technicians use this equipment because the machine and its specialized needles are quite expensive. Ranging from $2,500 to $3,500. But I feel my clients deserve the best and there is a big difference in time, price and results!  When clients see the results they wish they had done it sooner!  This is the time when that old saying “you get what you pay for” really applies.
For a complimentary permanent makeup consultation call Cathy Isaacs, 259-6117 at Cosmetic Concepts. Cathy is a licensed esthetician for over 30 years, Licensed by the Health Department and voted number one in SCV for Permanent Makeup!

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