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by | May 25, 2017 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

 Eyebrows really are an important feature for so many reasons, expression, frame for our eyes, etc. Brows are also very much in the spot light these days, so we are seeing more and more treatments being offered. Yes, this is great news for clients due to having a wider choice, but this can be equally confusing when selecting the right treatment for you. Lately there has been a lot of press for a treatment called “micro blading” and many of you have been asking what it is and how this compares to micro pigmentation (permanent makeup) and whether this is a better option for you?
Microblading is the technique of implanting pigment using only a manual method and dates back thousands of years. It requires the use of a small blade, similar to an Xacto knife to create fine incisions in the skin to simulate hair. (Technician spends only $10 to $25 for blade) This method has recently re-emerged. Microblading takes approximately two hours and lasts six to 18 months.
Micropigmentation (permanent makeup) is done with a digital machine using disposable needle formations creating fine hair strokes or a fill, called shading, or a combination of the two. (Technician spends $2,500 to $3,500 for a digital machine) The color is implanted deeper into the skin, hence lasts longer than Microblading. Permanent Makeup takes approx. one hour and lasts three to five years.
That is the technical differences between the two, the healing process and time is the same for both. So here is some other information to consider while deciding. Lately there have been quite a few clients who have spent good money on Microblading (elsewhere) only to come in and ask me to re-do them with my special technique, which is the Hybrid (combination) of Microblading and Micropigmentation. The reason they were not happy with the Microblading alone is simple; if you have been filling in your brows for a while with a brow pencil, or brow powder you are used to seeing them filled in. When the brows are done with only fine hair strokes using the manual (or archaic as some refer to it) method, they can still look sparse or not quite enough to you. Since you still see some space between the hairs, you begin filling them in again. There is no licensing required to perform either of these services and because the Microblading tools are very affordable, anyone can do it. So, this means you have more unskilled technicians out there, so please ask important questions. Look at their work, how many have they done, not just how long? Is it worth it to spend little extra to have your eyebrows and not have to fill them in, in a few months? The Hybrid gives a soft and natural looking brow so you don’t need to fill them in.  However, if you have a scar or just a sparse area or two, then the hair strokes alone may be the solution for you.  Either way have a consultation and get the information you need before you do it.  I look forward to providing you with the best brows possible for you!
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