Laser Hair Removal – Get It Done Before the Summer Sun!

by | May 25, 2017 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

This is the time of year to begin laser hair removal treatments, before even minimal exposure to the sun. Once the skin has begun to tan it is not advised to perform any laser treatments, as complications such as hyperpigmentation (a darkening of the skin in spots or larger areas) could occur. Simply put, the laser searches for the dark follicle in order to kill the root of the hair. If the skin is tanned the laser is not as effective at hitting its target.
The same is true of IPL Photofacial treatments. Again, the intense pulse light that is used is searching out damage such as hyperpigmentation in order to correct it and can be tricked into thinking that temporarily tanned skin is actually permanently damaged. Of course, a reputable doctor or therapist will not begin treatments of these kinds on anyone who has had recent sun exposure, as the work would be counter-productive and possibly damaging to the skin.
Other contraindications to laser therapies include recent use of antibiotics, Retinol and associated products and skin lightening therapy. Of course it is imperative that any client undergoing laser therapy be on a daily regimen of sunscreen. And be aware that the spf15 in your foundation does not count. We also suggest that you use separate sunscreen from that which is contained in moisturizers as the efficacy cannot be guaranteed when mixed with other ingredients.
Whatever your goals for permanent hair removal or facial improvement with lasers, the time of year to do them is fall to early spring. A little pre-planning for bathing suit weather is definitely in order to ensure that you’re finished with treatments and ready to present a smooth and hair-free look for summer.
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