Spotlight Our Youth – Cameron Wolf

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How many people can say they can figure out a puzzle in under one minute? On average, it takes Cameron Wolf thirty seconds to solve a Rubik’s cube. The shocking part is he is only 12 years old! Now that’s a lot to howl about. Not only has this young man figured out something that takes the average adult hours, even days to do; he also teaches a group of his friends, complex algorithms and methods to solve like a pro. Additionally, his skills reach far beyond just solving the puzzle. Wolf is able to create patterns and do one handed tricks behind is back. Can you say gifted?! This last year, young Wolf has competed in two world competitions placing in the top 30 percent besting competitors from around the country. He gained inspiration while attending camp one summer and all the children were trying to solve the Rubik’s cube, where most could not, but one kid did. After that summer he immersed himself in YouTube videos and literature to develop strategies and learn algorithms to master the Rubik’s cube. Marty Wolf, his father, describes him as “a very resourceful kid” he continued,” he came home and learned all this himself with no help or push from us (his parents).” The Wolf pack (his parents Marty and Wendy and two sisters Allyson, 11-years-old and Ashley 28-years-old) have mixed the cube for hours passing it back and forth amongst themselves and still young Cameron Wolf triumphs! Last year, he created a school club where he inspired other kids to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube. When this boy genius grows up he plans on working in the computer science industry. We just might have the next Bill Gates here in the SCV. When he’s not teaching his friends the mysteries of the cube he is just a normal kid. Wendy Wolf, his mother, describes him as “fun to be around and very funny”. We look forward to seeing great things from you Cameron, keep up the great work! 


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