It’s Almost Brazilian Season Do you know where your wax has been? And More Importantly, With Who?

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

Do you enjoy sharing the same wax pot as everyone else getting waxed at the spa where you’ve been going? Have you ever thought about that? Brazilian waxing even made the news because of a health problem. So, please do think about it now, but keep reading. There was a time when bikini waxing was just a small area for looking neat in a bikini, now so many women want all or almost all the hair removed.  Bikini waxing is a very personal service, not to mention in a very personal area.
Cosmetic Concepts has always been on the cutting edge and takes cleanliness and our client’s health very seriously so we provide our clients with the first and only disposable bikini wax pots at no extra charge! What this means is we have our high quality European wax poured into mini (one-time use) containers. We heat it up when you come in, use it and when we’re done with your waxing we throw away these mini individual wax containers. We do this for each and every client, each and every time! And we do all this again at no extra cost to our clients, that is how much we value you and our commitment to high quality service.  Other waxing studios may claim to not double dip but when you get to chatting and forget, once you dip twice the whole pot is contaminated, we just eliminate any of the risk with our single use pots!
With that said, why would anyone go anywhere else for their waxing! Waxing is an art, and with over 30-years-experience we are the experts at making you feel comfortable and confidant and Cosmetic Concepts’ unique speed waxing techniques cut down on time and any of the discomfort. It takes just 15 minutes for us to complete and provide you with a long lasting, smooth, clean Brazilian. We have all heard horror stories of Brazilian waxing taking 45 minutes up to an hour and way too much pain.  If that is something you are experiencing, please know there is a much better experience waiting for you here at Cosmetic Concepts. You will be so happy you did! As always, we look forward to taking care of all your skin care needs and pampering you soon.
If you have any questions, please call us at Cosmetic Concepts Skin & Day Spa in Newhall at 661-259-6117. 

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