Take Your Camper Up a Notch with These Must-Try Design Ideas Create a rolling oasis.

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Automotive

 Vintage trailers and RVs have officially joined the interior design movement. So, if you’re looking for cool tiny homes on wheels, you’re in the right place. Creative adventurers are tricking out their trailers and turning them true oases with unique details, luxe upgrades and stylish storage solutions. Folks are even using them as guest quarters, home offices or vacation rentals. (Genius, right?)  If you’re ready to turn your RV or trailer into a tiny design haven, check out these ideas inspired by friends around Instagram.
1: Upgrade Your Lights – An easy way to immediately add some style to your RV is to upgrade your lighting. Any electrician would be able to help you properly outfit your space; however, you can also do it yourself using plug-in fixtures like the one pictured here. This pretty sconce immediately elevates the space while also providing a convenient light for nighttime reading.
2: Use Lots of Textiles + Pillows – If you don’t have the budget to reupholster all of the cushions in your RV, you can bring in some additional textiles and pillows to do the heavy lifting. These mud cloth pillows bring in a distinctly boho-chic vibe and help amp up the coziness factor. In addition to pillows, you can use throws or even colorful pieces of fabric when styling your space.
3: Wallpaper is Your Friend, Okay? – An Airstream, trailer or RV is the perfect spot to experiment with wallpaper. Blogger Mandi Gubler from Vintage Revivals uses a bright yellow wallpaper in her small vintage trailer that she’s nicknamed “The Nugget.” Paired with her pink cushions, vintage accessories and textiles, this little nook in her trailer looks like it could easily be a spot in someone’s house.
4: Get Sneaky With Storage – Storage space is always at a premium in RVs, so you may need to get creative … and sneaky. You’d never know it, but bulky winter sweaters and coats are hidden in these fluffy “pillows.” Steal this idea to help store soft goods including clothing, linens, towels or even kids’ stuffed animals.
5: Create Your Own “Backyard” – If you’re parking your trailer and staying put for a while, consider creating your own outdoor space. Simple Adirondack chairs and a portable fire pit help define this outdoor living space. You can easily add potted plants, a kiddie pool or a picnic table to expand your space to fit more of your friends and family.
6: Use a Bright Hue – If you’re really looking to make a statement with your trailer, why not paint it a fun, bright color? You could spot this fuchsia trailer from miles away, but it’s hard to not look at it and smile. If you’re not quite ready to go that bold, consider painting your RV a more subdued color or a fun pattern like stripes or polka dots.
7: Focus on Your Windows – Depending on the type of RV you have, you might want to allocate a bit of your budget to expanding (or replacing) your windows. This open, airy trailer allows its owners to drive right up to the beach and enjoy the scenery. If your trailer has smaller windows, you might even be able to replace them with larger picture windows which would really help to open up your space.
8: Use Open Shelving – Open shelving is often a perfect solution in a small trailer or Airstream, as it allows you to make use of every square inch. In this example, they’ve managed to use a corner to add a shelf and create additional storage.
9: Decorate the Ceiling – The upper clearance in trailers tends to be quite low, so ceilings are much more visible than they are in your home. Take your design makeover up, and decorate the ceiling to create more interest. Retro-inspired gold stars add just enough bling to this trailer to help the space pop. Look for removable wall decals for easy installation.
10: Be Moody – While many people tend to embrace the vintage vibe when thinking of decorating their Airstreams, you definitely don’t have to. This trailer is a great example of how you can make a dark and moody design style work well in a tiny space. Black cabinetry, mirrors and simple accessories help to create a sleek, modern and completely unexpected space.
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