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by | Nov 27, 2018 | Home & Garden

Your garage floor takes a beating each day with heavy vehicles rolling in and out, tracking in mud, dirt, rain, and more. It stores your lawnmower, toys and other equipment, endures spills, and works hard for you day in and day out.
With all that’s required of it, you want to protect your garage floor it in a way that is lasting, and instantly boosts its appeal and functionality.
That’s why we provide professional garage floor coatings that are guaranteed to last and that look beautiful – all in one day!
Our polyurea floor coatings create truly stunning garage floors and at the same time increase its functionality, safety, and durability.
Easy to maintain, your new garage floor will provide decades of durability and value. Our industry-leading formulations made with polyurea won’t chip or peel, are 4x stronger than epoxy, and come with a 15-year residential warranty. You’ll receive decades of durability, satisfaction, and value.
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