FACE atelier’s Rule for Lips

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

Remember that the color of your lips will affect how any shade appears on them.  (It’s called color theory.)  Further, lip products are not meant to last forever.  Therefore layering Lip Pencil with Lipstick and then Lip Glaze will give you that complex shade you’ve been yearning for and significantly extend the life of your lip shade.
Ultra Foundation or Ultra Camouflage Duet are the perfect lip primers.  Economical too as it means one less product to buy!
Lip Pencils add depth to any lipstick shade.  Starting with a sharpened pencil, line the lips but don’t press down too hard.  Then angle the pencil and use the side to fill in the rest of the lip.  Be sure to fill in the whole lip.  This creates a base for the lipstick, ensuring that it will last longer and fade more evenly.
Look for lipstick trends – don’t be distracted by colors.  The re-emergence of the bold red lip really means that precise, lined lips with a matte Lipstick shade are back in fashion.  But a bold lip doesn’t have to be red – it could be purple, pink, plum – whatever strikes your fancy, and more importantly your style!
Apply Lip Putty using the FACE atelier’s  Lip/Spot Concealer brush to create a reverse liner before applying lipstick.  This prevents it from bleeding and extends wearability.
Wear lighter lipstick shades if you’ve got rough, chapped lips or have more than your share of fine lines around your lips.  Bleeding and feathering is always more noticeable with darker colors.
FACE atelier’s Melt will effortlessly remove a deeply pigmented lipstick every time.
Place a drop of Clear, Ice or Arctic Gold Lip Glaze directly onto the bullet of your fave FACE Lipstick.  Mix with a small, synthetic brush like our  #5 Lip/Spot Concealer brush to create a dazzling new lip color.
Use Arctic Gold Lip Glaze to soften the look of a bold, bright lipstick like Red Fuchsia, a perfectly formulated blue/red.
Color bleeding or feathering is due to the fine lines and wrinkles in and around your lip.  Take care of them!  A smooth, moisturized lip will cut down on the amount of feathering.  Use a lip balm like FACE atelier’s Lip RX to hydrate, repair and moisturize your lips.
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