Your Changing Skin

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

 Believe it or not, our skin goes through three stages of puberty. Of course, everyone knows about the one that occurs in mid to early teen years, but we also undergo hormonal changes from 28 to 33 (second puberty) and then the third, which is menopause. Science has found that men as well as women, experience all three stages. Since the epidermis is composed of seven layers of new and dying cells, born in the dermis and dead at the surface, we are constantly shedding the dead ones. A baby’s skin turns over every four days, teens take 21 to 28 days, middle age is 28 to 42 days and at 50 plus years of age, it takes the cellular turnover to happen between 42 to 84 days.
So, you can see that as we age, our skin takes on a duller and dryer appearance. The advent of lines and wrinkles gives those dead cells nice little nooks to move into and regular pore activity like eliminating sebum and perspiration help to form an invisible glue that holds those cells onto the surface. Combine those regular skin functions with poor diet, pollution, sun exposure and other external factors, it’s no wonder that we all hate to age.
Here’s my prescription to help your skin look healthy and glowing at any age. All skin types should cleanse twice a day with cleanser made for your skin type. You can use facial wipes if you have very oily skin or are active to the point of perspiration between cleansing. Start exfoliating at a level that is suited to the condition of your skin, but avoid harsh scrubs on your face. Hydrate (different from moisturize) hydration comes from within your body. Drink as much water as possible every day. Moisturize with products best for you and use sun protection! Nothing will age the skin faster than sun exposure.
If you don’t know what type of skin you have, see a doctor or esthetician to help. Call Beyond Harmony for a free consultation. We’re glad to help.
For a free consultation to determine your individual expected results, contact Beyond Harmony Med Spa at 661-298-8008.

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