Man & Woman of the Year 2019

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The premier volunteer recognition event crowned Ed Masterson and Pam Ingram for their extraordinary volunteer service. Held on Friday, May 3 at the Hyatt Valencia, the purpose of the Santa Clarita Valley Man and Woman of the Year Recognition is to honor men and women who have given outstanding volunteer service to the Santa Clarita Valley area. This year’s winners join a prestigious group of individuals whom have spent countless hours of their own time working to make the Santa Clarita Valley a better place for all of its residents.
A longtime resident who raised her family in Santa Clarita along with her husband Steve, Pam Ingram has been pivotal in creating the family-friendly city we know and love as a Realtor with RE/MAX of Santa Clarita. Sitting on what feels like a countless number of Boards, Pam’s dedication to Santa Clarita seems effortless. You can always catch her with a smile on her face.
“This undoubtedly is a huge honor. To be named Woman of the Year knowing the magnitude of the other nominees is very humbling. As a realtor in the community I’ve always believed we live in a great community to raise our families, work and participate. I also believed if you live and work in the community you need to give back. With over 100 non-profits that is easy to do. I love planning events, volunteering and knowing in some way we are helping others. It is easy for me to share my enthusiasm for volunteering since it is a passion. Whether I am helping a young man that needs gene therapy or women and girls that need a hand up to get to that next level or just serving others at an event, it makes me happy. The recognition is truly appreciated but the knowledge that we can make a difference in a person’s life is really what it is all about,” shared Pam.
A 31-year resident along with his wife Valerie, Ed has literally been at every single event in Santa Clarita the entire time I have worked at Santa Clarita Magazine (12 years and going). He is a selfless gentleman who gives an incredible amount of his time to help almost anyone who needs it and he is happy to do so.
Ed added, “The thing that keeps me connected to Santa Clarita and it’s various opportunities to volunteer is the kindness and generosity that people have shown me over the years. I used to work in the TV/Movie business and when I came to work in Santa Clarita about 20 years ago, I was just taken in and made to feel part of a family by all the people I met. It made me feel part of something bigger and part of something very special since I had never been involved in the community up to that point. I just sort of fell into getting involved with different groups and really enjoyed it. Part of it was something my Dad would always say when I was a kid, my parents were very involved in our parish community and my Dad would say, ’People by nature don’t like to ask for help… so if they do ask, then they must really need it. If they do ask, then you should say yes, and do it in a way that makes them feel glad they asked.’ My Dad was an Irish immigrant who had very little formal education, but he was the best people guy I’ve ever know and my Mom was a high school math teacher for 40 years, so she knows all about helping people.”

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