Ninja Summer Camp

by | May 26, 2019 | Health & Fitness

 A confident person is a happier person.  They believe they have skills and abilities to get thru the obstacles of life.  This is just as true with little persons!
Most people lacking confidence also struggle with a lack of social skills or lacks the confidence to apply them.
At ignition fitness we mold kids into more confident and more social kids. And it doesn’t take long to see the difference!  We teach all persons the importance of socialization. Google explains and defines socialization in the following:
1. The activity of mixing socially with others. “Socialization with students has helped her communication skills”
2. the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society. “Preschool starts the process of socialization”
I have found that kids that get bullied generally lack self-esteem.  The bullying is not generally the initial source of low self-esteem. The low self-esteem is what the bullies are drawn too. We’ve had young adults who don’t know how to hi five another person, offer a compliment or shake a hand with eye contact.
Send your children to Ignition and you will see them mature weekly into confident, strong and socially positive individuals.  For those type of changes, enroll for our youth Ninja camp June 24 to June 29. Five days (Monday through Friday) 8 a.m. to Noon of obstacles, stories of social responsibility, social interactions and confidence building. Then on Saturday we have a ninja course competition where some will medal, and all will finish.
Give your child a chance to be there best with our Ignition Fitness Junior Ninja Skills Camp. Cost is just $229. Private training for kids and adults is also available Monday through Saturday, by appointment. Check out the website for class schedule, motivational blogs, supplemental needs, Self Defense classes and more at
For details and enrollment, please contact Jim Johnson at 661-714-8149 by text or phone. You can also email

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