The Angry Ex

by | May 26, 2019 | Business News

 In nearly 20 years of practicing family law, the amount of venom and anger that lasts long after a divorce is over can be staggering. It’s sad and pathetic and most importantly, it is damaging to the children of the marriage. Despite attempts to shield your children from the hostility and venom, they see and feel how the angry spouse acts and reacts to things. They hear the negativity in your ex’s voice directed to you. It impacts your children very profoundly. The thing is, your ex’s divorce anger is out of your control, but how you handle it is very much up to you.
Here are 10 things to tell yourself when your ex shows divorce anger:
1. This is HIS or HER issue, not mine. He/she is the problem. I am not.
2. The fact that he/she is still so angry clearly shows he/she isn’t over it and might never be.
3. This is something in my life that I have zero control over and therefore I won’t let it affect me.
4. My kids are going to grow up and they will very clearly remember how my ex behaved toward me and my new spouse.
5. I have the power to let the divorce anger roll off me and be unaffected by it. I will not respond to negative calls, texts or emails that don’t involve logistics of the children.
6. I will no longer hold out hope that he/she is going to change. People never change.
7. I will be myself and take the high road as much as possible. I will not respond to divorce anger.
8. My children are the only thing that matter. I will protect them from my ex’s drama.
9. I will continue to be polite to my ex only because it is in the best interest of our kids.
10. I will live the life I want and be happy despite ex’s divorce anger and bitterness. Divorce anger is highly toxic.
For more information on how you can handle your ex before or during your divorce, call SuperLawyer of the Year Denise Placencio at 877-317-8080. Your children and your life deserve the very best. 

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