My Dream Came True!

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Dining, Arts & Entertainment

As I’m sitting, very excited today on 7/11, to write my story, I realized how special today is in my life. (I got married on 11/7). My dream of becoming a published author came true! I feel proud and accomplished!
I was a writer way before I became a wife and a mother. From age 12 on, I started writing poems and short stories. I also kept a journal where I shared my inner most “secrets” about falling in love with the boy next door and more. I was feverishly looking for any piece of paper, even a napkin, to write on. On the bus, or sitting at an outdoor café in Jerusalem, or in bed at 2:00 am, whenever the muse might strike me.
Later, I wrote about leaving my beloved family so far behind, my yearnings of Jerusalem, about becoming a mother, raising my children, and watching them leave the nest. My poetry book “Whispers of The Heart” (in Hebrew only for now) with my colorful paintings became an “overnight” success in Israel. It only took me a year plus the 50 years before that.
It started with an intention to write – A fertile idea was planted in my head. I had the motivation, yearning and passion to share my inner vision and feelings in a book. It took determination, daily discipline, perseverance and a belief in my ability to reach my goal until I saw the fruit of my labor. I feel happy, humble and grateful that I was able to use my God-given talent for words and my artistic creativity to their full potential. Gandhi once said: ”Your life is your message”. My message is that, even at 65, it isn’t too late to follow your dreams. I manifested my dream; so can you!
Naomi Young is an educator of Jewish studies. She’s also a published writer and an artist. Her new solo art exhibit “PORTALS” will be during August-September at the Canyon Theatre Guild You may contact her at and see her art website



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