Five Simple Things to Never Do to Curly Hair

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

 1. Never go to sleep without a silk or satin pillow case or sleeping cap.
The friction between your hair and a normal cotton pillow can leave your hair dry and brittle. Using a silk or satin pillow case or sleeping cap is like an extra smooth layer that lets your hair maintain its moisture.
2. Be careful not to constantly have your hair in a ponytail or pulled up.
Constant pulling back your hair can put a lot of strain on the delicate curls. Try hairstyles that are low stress to keep your hair healthy.
3. Never start wash day without a pre-poo.
Deva Curl has an amazing product named Washday wonder. It’s design to detangle the hair prior to shampooing but adds hydration and slip to wiggle out any tangles.
4. Do not wash your hair every day.
Washing your hair everyday dries out its natural oils. Let your hair create its own oil for a few days before you wash it all away. If your hair is extra dry deva curl has created a spray oil for the ends and a curl hydrator named mister right. Do! Moisturize your hair. Moisture solves so many problems with frizz, and fragile ends. My favorite moisturizer is Deva Curl Melt into moisture. Why? Because it can be used daily, weekly and overnight.
5. Do not compare your curls to anyone else’s!
The temptation to have your hair look like your favorite vlogger is very strong. Resist and find your own groove. Give yourself time to learn what products work best for you and how to style your curls. Remember its YOUR curly journey.
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