The World Was Created for Me

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Dining, Arts & Entertainment

We all go through unpleasant periods in our lives. Some of us, from time to time, may carry feelings of sadness, anxiety, fear, shame or insecurity. When we’re feeling stuck and unmotivated, everything becomes an impossible task to handle. We may even physically feel that stress in our body. If we can identify the cause of these feelings, we must deal with them so we can release that emotional baggage. The sooner we do it, the sooner we bounce back to life with vigor and excitement.
We can learn to express our feelings and share them with a trusted person who has a sympathetic ear. We can also write down our feelings and then symbolically we let go of the negative energy by throwing away the paper or burning it. Such a ceremonial act can be liberating and invigorating, while providing us great sense of relief. Once again, we can become our authentic selves, using our talents and skills to share with the universe. But we must recognize the abundant potential inside us, tap deep so we can experience endless joy of creativity.
Remember, it’s up to us to choose our feelings. We can remain stagnant with a victim’s mentality or we choose to work hard to achieve our goals so we can feel like winners. The more “unbelievable” our dreams, the greater sense of achievement, pride and joy, we get once we manifest them.
Our sages said: Each person carries two notes. One reads, “I am nothing but dust and ashes”. The other one says, “For me, the world was created.” We’re to be reminded periodically of both; Know that we can soar high and reach our fullest potential, completely guilt free. The world is awaiting YOUR talent and skills to be shared. But also remember to stay humble. Use your talents to spread goodness around you. Now is your time to shine your light.
Naomi Young is an educator of Jewish studies. She’s also a published writer and an artist. Her new solo art exhibit “PORTALS” is on display until September 22 at the Canyon Theatre Guild.
You may contact her at and see her art website 



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