SWAY Underarm Detox Masque

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Hesitant about switching to a natural deodorant because of the infamous detox period? Are your underarms dry, flaky, or even discolored from years of using harsh deodorants or antiperspirants? Is your natural deodorant not as effective as you’d like? The SWAY Underarm Detox Masque is a super-charged charcoal mask armed with power of pure clay and apple cider vinegar to purify and illuminate your underarm skin, while speeding and easing the transition to natural deodorant.
• Shorten transitional period from chemical to natural deodorant
• Clarifies underarms of product buildup
• Enhances performance of your deodorant
• Improves color and texture of the underarm area
• Creamy moisturizing formula
What make SWAY different: (a) first deodorant to use apple cider vinegar (b) the only one with a complementary dusting powder (c) offers a COMPLETE solution (i.e. mask) (d) The SWAY kit is not just a deodorant, it is also a toner that beautifies your underarms (e) the deodorant exfoliates the dead skin cells from your underarms, which harbor bacterial growth, while making your underarms clean and clear.
Rebecca So founded SWAY to take the guesswork out of deodorant. As there are literally dozens of brands on the market to choose from, Rebecca knew that consumers were having a difficult time finding the right fit. Many contain chemicals that could be harmful to our health, irritate our skin, or stain our clothes and then there are the natural ones that simply don’t provide any lasting odor protection. That’s why she created SWAY, a deodorant that checks all the boxes. It’s an all-natural, exceptionally effective, long-lasting, and zero-residue solution that consumers rave about! Rebecca wanted her SWAY Detox Deodorant Kits to stand out in the drugstore aisles so she designed display-worthy kits that would market similar to a cosmetic and get people excited about elevating their underarm care!
Sway Masque ($22) is available online at www.lovemysway.com 



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