Protect Your Most Valuable Asset Your Home

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Home & Garden, Uncategorized

With spring around the corner, it’s time to prioritize your homes maintenance needs. The national economy is hot, and the southern California housing market is booming. The good news is that your property value is skyrocketing, and the not so good news is that your future home improvements will cost more.
While springtime is a traditional time for the home improvement industry to pass on the higher cost of goods, you should consider scheduling your home improvement projects as soon as possible. Another consideration is to select the inefficient items on your home. Items such as leaky windows, old inefficient heaters and old AC systems can double your energy bills. Also, your old roof may be ready for a makeover. Outdated roofing can create excessive heat in the summer, lose heat in the winter, and will cost your hundreds of dollars in energy cost each month. Think now about your home improvement needs now.
Also, we offer a complete line of Home Standby Generators. Your Home Standby Generator is ready 24/7. Once a power outage occurs, the generator system detects the outage, it starts instantly. Even when you are away from home or business, your Wi-Fi stays on, your phones stay charged, your refrigerator stays on, your garage door opener opens and closes, and you will be able to view television as normal so you can stay informed on current events such as wildfire and power outage updates. Also, and most importantly, any needed emergency devices will stay on. If needed, a larger automatic generator can power the whole house. Best of all, these generators avoid the need to refuel them daily. You will also avoid the tangled web of extension cords and needing somebody to go out and crank it up. You control your lifestyle, not the Utility Companies, and not the Government. The new modern Home Standby Generators will help you reclaim the California lifestyle, and add to your family’s safety and security.
Anco Design Build has been providing energy saving solutions and home modernization since 1981. Our primary focus is Home Modernizing for the future. Financing is available through Go Green Financing. Our company is licensed in General Construction, Roofing, Concrete, Landscaping, and Swimming Pools. We provide a free consultation for all your home improvement needs. Call us at 818-299-1188 or visit us at

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