What You Need To Know When Bankruptcy Becomes Unavoidable

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Business News

Are you struggling with debt problems that you’re no longer able to handle on your own? Have you thought of filing bankruptcy but are afraid or embarrassed to even talk about it? Most people in your situation feel the same way.
Unfortunately, lack of information or misinformation about bankruptcy is what sometimes stops people from doing what could be in their best interests. FACT: Bankruptcy is nothing more than a financial recovery tool that you can use to relieve yourself from the stress and burdens of overwhelming debt. Unfortunately, there are just too many people who are not getting the help that they deserve under our legal system because they have not taken the time to find out the real truth about bankruptcy.
Bill collectors, for example, are notorious for telling people that once they file bankruptcy, they will be ruined for life and that they will never be able to get credit, a car, or that they will never be able to buy a home. This is nothing but a lie. They know that causing people to feel fear and shame can force them to pay. These are lies told to you because they know that once you find out what your rights are, they can no longer collect money from you.
So if you simply believe what they tell you without finding out for yourself what the truth is, you will continue to live your life in fear- and this is exactly what your creditors want you to do. They want you to live in a constant state of fear, and trying to guess what they will do next. They want you to continue being afraid of answering your phone and going to your mailbox.
But things don’t have to be this way. If you have creditors breathing down your neck and are worried about losing everything you’ve worked hard for, find out if bankruptcy can help you protect what you have. A bankruptcy filing may benefit you more than years of struggling to make small monthly payments that often barely cover interest, never really reducing the true amount of your debts. And if your credit is already tarnished due to late payments, collections, judgments, etc. on your credit report, filing bankruptcy can actually improve your credit in the long run. For a free debt consultation, you can call Ray’s Valencia office (RJB Law Offices) at (661) 775-4880 or visit www.santaclaritabankruptcylawfirm.com.

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