Beauty Questions Answered During a Pandemic

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

What should I do about my
graying roots?
Leave your hair color to the professionals. If you already use box color, that’s fine, but if you keep a standing appointment with your colorist, don’t take a chance on messing up your stylist’s hard work, you might pick the wrong color, you might leave it in too long or get distracted, then you are in danger of your hair breaking. And that will take a lot of time and money to fix it.

Should I take out my weave?
If your weave is less than a month old, try to keep the hair pulled back in a ponytail or wrapped under a silk scarf, you can also keep it in pin-curls, flex rods. The idea is not to wear it down constantly. If it’s dirty from exercise and excess oils on the skin and hair, then condition it before washing with a sulfate-free shampoo. What that does is that it helps give an extra layer of protection and moisture on the hair. You can very lightly blow out the hair, taking special care with any of your hair that is exposed.

How do I care for my natural hair?
It’s important that you keep your natural hair washed and conditioned. Make sure to sleep with a satin cap or scarf to keep your style longer. And if you have braids or locks that you want to freshen up in between visits to the salon, Scott suggests pouring this conditioning rinse onto the hair: 1 4-oz. cup of apple cider vinegar with 10 drops of lavender essential oil (to mask the scent of the apple cider vinegar) It will remove the mildew odor that can creep up after exercise and it will also control dandruff.

Can I cut my own bangs?
Yes, but you definitely want to err on the side of leaving them too long than snipping off too much. Face yourself in a mirror and squeeze your hair between your middle and forefinger at the desired length. Then take a pair of sharp scissors — not the one you cut chicken with — and cut as straight across as you can.

My gel and my acrylics are
growing out. Help!
To take off your gel, first you will need to lightly buff the top coat. Then you will need to dip cotton balls in pure acetone and wrap them around each nail, securing them with aluminum foil. Let them sit for 20 minutes. They will slide right off. Once you get the color off, apply cuticle oil and a little nail protein. Buff them. File them and keep them short

How do I tame unruly brows?
This is a good time to let those brows grow out! Thick brows are in, but they can be hard to achieve without looking wonky. But if you are desperate and feel out of control — perhaps you have a unibrow that needs separation — gather a pair tweezers and a straight razor. Put your pinky perfectly in between your eyes, mark the width and remove hair on either side of that width. If the extra brow hairs are driving you crazy, clean them up in natural light.

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