Ro Ma Jewelers Offers Custom Jewelry Design

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

As the only Jeweler in town that owns a manufacturing facility, we here at Ro,Ma Jewelers take great pride in the special order and custom design process.
Designing and manufacturing a piece of jewelry is an extremely exacting and precise process that requires a great deal of attention to detail. The first step of the process is to consult with the customer so that we may manifest their visions onto paper. Our designers work closely with their clients to ensure that every detail they want to include will be reflected in the final product. After the initial consult, the orders are sent to our own manufacturing facility where our expert Computer Animated Designers recreate the customer’s visions onto a computer screen.
At this step, a 3D digital mockup is made that allows the client to view every angle and detail of their special order. At this stage, we make sure to heavily involve the customer so that any changes that they’d like made can be implemented. After the CAD design is approved we print a wax mold that can be tried on at our store. This allows the customer to get a feel for the scale and proportions of their future piece of jewelry. The wax is then sent back to our factory where it is used again in a “lost wax” technique that is done completely by hand. Gold or Platinum are poured into the rubber mold that the wax fits in perfectly. The wax then melts away and you are left with a hardened cast of your design in a precious metal. Our expert craftsmen complete the remaining stages by hand. Every diamond and or colored stone are set before the piece is hand polished and finished. The finished products are thoroughly inspected by our factory manager who checks for any flaws or mistakes. It is because of our exacting techniques that we can offer a lifetime guarantee on any piece of jewelry that we manufacture.
Nothing is more special than a piece of jewelry that is custom made for you. This ensures that the piece will forever be yours and yours only. Stop in today for a consultation with one of our designers.
For more information please call 661-254-6414 or visit Ro,Ma Jewelers at 24303 Town Center Drive, suite 110, Valencia.

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