by | Apr 29, 2020 | Kids Activities

Someone found a goose egg on a Santa Clarita golf course. It washed away with the rain but was still warm. The man searched but couldn’t find the nest. He called us and we picked up the egg, got an incubator from a wonderful neighbor, and now have a gosling at The Gentle Barn!
The goose spirit animal carries magical totem powers of synchronicity. In flight it has to synchronizes itself with the communal mind of the entire flock to survive, and becomes one mind as it travels long journeys on thermal winds. This is one of the goose’s greatest powers.
It’s symbolic that we have a goose at The Gentle Barn. For I believe it’s our time to synchronize our minds to all living creatures. We have a worldwide pandemic, caused by eating animals. The question is: when will we awaken to love? When will we synchronize to each other, to animals, and Mother Earth to gain strength and create a group to benefit all beings? Like the goose, our synchronicity is our greatest power! While we’re separated in quarantine, perhaps it’s time to be together more and become one. I do hope our synchronicity for love, gentleness, and unity grows along with the gosling; it starts with each of us taking the first step!
The Gentle Barn is located in Santa Clarita. We rescue animals who are too old, too sick, too lame, or too scared to be adoptable. We are home to horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, llamas, emus, dogs, and a rescued pigeon, parrot, and goose. We are host to anyone who is underserved, at risk, or has special needs. We’re open to visitors on Sundays, and host private tours, birthday parties and events. For more info. Go to and follow us on Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You’re sure to fall in love!



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