The Haunted Barnyard: Land of Nightmares

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Community

This Halloween season get ready for the scare of a lifetime at THE haunted experience in SCV!
Grab your guts and drive through our interactive terrifyingly haunted barnyard of nightmares! See if you can escape the Funhouse, journey through our Zombie Infested Graveyard, take caution entering the Insane Asylum, don’t lose your mind in the Laboratory, make sure to keep your loved ones safe through the Deadly Campgrounds, find your way out of the Haunted Woods, navigate the Ghostly Maze and many more horrifying surprises that are sure to scare your socks off.
Halloween has always been such a huge holiday in the SCV and The Gentle Barn has been a part of it as well. When Ellie and I first moved The Gentle Barn to SCV in 2003 it was one of the most memorable holidays. As a family, we loved going to see all of the haunted houses and setups in front of the houses and loved watching them evolve over the years. It was that one night of the year that you could just be silly, a bit crazy and go all out and really use your imagination to join the community in having some scary fun.
Now, during this pandemic, all of the fun has come to a screeching halt and families are trying to figure out what to do this year to continue this heirloomed tradition. I was talking with some people, who joined us for a virtual tour at The Gentle Barn a few months ago and they asked if we were going to be doing anything for Halloween. It made me think about the community and how shut down things are and that is what lead us to this year’s drive through event, “The Haunted Barnyard: Land of Nightmares.”
The Haunted Barnyard concept is an exciting immersive drive through experience in Santa Clarita, directed by yours truly and curated by a team of designers, including a film and theme park set designer from Universal Studios Horror Nights, special effects lighting and painters, set dressers, costume designers and makeup artists from Knott’s Scary Farm and professional scarers from Six Flags Fright Fest and many more. Unsuspecting passengers or “victims” will get the scare of a lifetime in The Gentle Barn’s transformed land of nightmares. Wind your way through a multitude of ghastly scenes, while being guided by a ghostly audio with sound effects, spooky music and of course some screams, all while in the safety (muahahahaha) of your own vehicle!
So, strap on your seatbelt and head out to the most frightening drive through event you will ever experience. Support The Gentle Barn, get all of the ghoulish details and register on our website at

photos by Joie de Vivre photographie



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