Trying Times

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Gifts from the Heart

As we enter our eighth month of “Stay At Home “…orders we have all gotten very relaxed in more ways than we might want others to know.. Remember the news commentator with no pants, well he was way funnier than most of us with no bra. I personally wear my bras at home. Yes, they are the more relaxed styles than the bras I wear out of the house but none the less I wear one. There are reasons,

1. Vanity is a biggie. No one likes the Dreaded Droop. It happens more to some than others. It can, based on size which you really have no control over, or it can be based on your choice of undergarments or lack thereof, so back to vanity. Since there are really no exercises to reverse “The Droop “ and since I am in no way a fan of surgery to fix “ The Droop “ I wear my bras. How will you deal with it?
2. For the larger busted ladies there’s another great reason besides “The Droop “ to wear your bras……. backaches. I have been told they are debilitating. I am lucky enough not to have to deal with it personally but will continue to try and help those of you that do. I have clients that swear certain bras help with the problem if not alleviating it totally.
3. Ok next, thanks to Facebook which can be both a blessing and a curse I hear about weight gain. This means the possibility of your bras becoming very uncomfortable both pinching and poking. No one needs that. So, we have a few reasons even at home to wear something supportive. I am not sure which of these is your scenario, but nothing lasts forever not “stay at home “and not your bras so just because most people don’t see you in them doesn’t mean they don’t need to be replaced. A bra fitting can help mentally and physically. When we look better we feel better, it’s just that simple. A proper fitting bra will lift your bust which will make you look thinner and stand straighter. I could even help with some back-pain issues and it doesn’t take as long as working out. Now I’m not saying it’s a substitute for exercise, but I will take all the help I can get.
So how many bras do you own? Experts say four to five and not to wear one more than two days in a row. Your bras will last longer if you follow that rule. Just think of a rubber band fully extended after a while it will either be limp or snap. If your bra is poking you anywhere, riding up in the back, has parts of your breasts either coming out the top or the bottom Ladies you are wasting you hard earned money on something that just does not fit. I have been helping woman in the Santa Clarita Valley with their bras and panties needs for 31years. Give me a call—I can help.
Remember, these trying times will pass. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but soon and when they do and I walk out of my house (probably with a face mask) I want to hopefully be as good mentally, physically and emotionally as I was before all of our lives were altered.Let me know if you need my help as you prepare to leave the cocoon. Happy Holidays!!!
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