When Purchasing Hearing Aids, Know What You Need

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Medical

Before you buy your first or next set of hearing aids, consider your lifestyle and everyday environments. Are you more active or sedentary? Are you more often outdoors or indoors? Today’s hearing aids have features you may want and some you don’t — make a list of “must have” features you need.
Get the Right Fit
Though there are similar types of hearing loss, each person hears in specific ways. Getting the right fit for your hearing aid is essential for optimal hearing and comfort. Hearing aids are complicated and technical instruments that should be fitted and adjusted by an experienced audiologist.
Plan Ahead
Finding out how hearing aids will be serviced if there is a problem — before there is any issue — can save you a lot of time and frustration. On-site service is preferable, but if an aid must be sent away, ask if loaner aids are provided.
Don’t Sacrifice Substance for Savings
Though pricing for hearing aids may be less than a doctor’s office, they often have a limited selection, may stock the latest technology, and don’t offer the same broad scope of service and support from an audiologist’s office.
Stay up to date with technology at Nola Aronson’s Advanced Audiology
Oticon’s new hearing aid is designed to support your brain because we actually hear with our brains and not our ears. This knowledge inspired Oticon to create a hearing device designed to give your brain more of the relevant information it needs to make better sense of sound. Even in difficult hearing environments, you will experience better speech understanding with less effort and you will remember more. They have a rechargeable battery that lasts all day* for direct streaming from your Android™** or iPhone®.
Nola Aronson’s Advanced Audiology has the latest Oticon technology and wants you to be one of the first to experience the difference in sound quality that this amazing new technology gives you. Please call our office at 661-250-6781 or go online to www.scvadvancedaudiology.com to schedule an appointment for a live-listening demonstration and risk-free trial of this breakthrough technology and experience the difference it makes firsthand.


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