Eat a Rainbow of Color Everyday

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Medical

Whether you are affected by the everyday stressors of life or suffer from a chronic health condition, by changing your eating habits and adopting a more colorful food plan, you can achieve physical and mental improvement. Colorful fruits and vegetables contain an abundance of life-giving nutrients that nourish the body, fight against disease and even give you a more slim and youthful appearance.
The human body is made up of tiny energy factories (molecules) within the body’s cells. The cells in our body carry out many functions to build tissues, organs, bones, etc. They also work together with hormones, enzymes, and amino acids to regulate the body. The human body is so complex that we should eat foods that contain ‘living intelligence’ to provide important information to the cells, which will harmonize and optimize the health of the body. All-natural, colorful foods in their purest state are comprised of active enzymes and chemical compounds that repair damaged DNA and improve cellular function.
Colorful fruits and vegetables are actually living medicines that are essential for whole health and wellbeing. The benefits of natural, colorful foods are endless. They can boost energy, detoxify the body, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, regulate blood sugar, and increase mental and physical endurance – to list a few.
The typical colors of the American diet consist of foods that are white, yellow, and brown. Furthermore, most of those foods have been processed and overcooked, which destroys the nutrients and other healthful chemical compounds needed to achieve optimal health and wellness.
It is vital to have a minimum of 30% of the food we eat be non-cooked, non-processed, fresh, and raw. Include every color of the rainbow in your next meal. Have a crispy red apple, green celery or grapes, a colorful chopped salad, and a handful of raw nuts to ensure your food choices are brain nourishing and full of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients the body needs.
Let the food you eat be your medicine – “Farmacy.” Living foods are very intelligent and provide vital information to every cell in our body to maintain health and heal, repair, and restore the body. Have a rainbow of abundant color in your daily food plan. For more information on Protecting Health & Preventing illness call Compassionate Healthcare Associates at 661 295-7777.

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