Five Steps to Planning the Perfect Guest House Build

by | May 21, 2021 | Home & Garden

What happens if you love the home you’re in — but there’s just not enough space? When you want to keep your roots planted without sacrificing on those dream additions, you have several choices to add square footage: building up, digging down, adding on or building out.
Today, we want to share a few tips for building out. Here are 5 ideas to help you build your dream guesthouse — on time and on budget.
1. Codes & Permits – With the construction of a new guest house, or even conversion, you’ll likely need to get some permitting done before you proceed — otherwise, you risk stalling the project later when you’re not up to code. A quality contractor will be able to help you understand and expedite this process.
2. Views – When choosing the location of your guest house — especially if you have a large and scenic property — consider the view. What will guests gaze at from the kitchen window? What does their porch overlook? How might the guest house alter the views from the main house?
3. Scale – Now it’s time to determine the scale of your project. Will the guest house be fully functional, with a full bathroom and kitchen? Or will it offer lodging and some comforts, but still require guests to be dependent on the main house for certain things? Consider which features — like central air or a second story — are a priority, and build from there.
4. Floor Plan – To maximize the space inside a guesthouse, try to keep the floor plan open. Think about traffic flow, and consider how your guests will move through the space. Consult your contractor if you want more advice to maximize the use of your new addition.
5. Yard – Give your guesthouse more of a personal, secluded feel by adding a small patio or a walled-off garden. Want to get extra fancy? Add some outdoor kitchen features like a built-in grill, or turn it into a romantic getaway with outdoor bathing options, such as a rain shower or spa-tub.
Now that you’ve got the dream, call Randal G. Winter Construction Inc. at 661-799-8089 to make it a reality. For more information, visit

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