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by | Jun 30, 2021 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

More than 30 million men are suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction in the United States.
Many men find it difficult to discuss a sexual health problem such as ED. However, it’s important to discuss your ED openly and honestly with your doctor.
Complications resulting from erectile dysfunction can include: an unsatisfactory sex life, stress or anxiety, embarrassment or low self-esteem, relationship problems, the inability to get your partner pregnant.
Treatments – Many men prefer taking pills instead of surgery. Pills are the short-term solution.
Valencia Medical Center offers new medical breakthrough procedure that leads to more long-term treatment for erectile dysfunction. Using acoustic wave therapy to repair blood vessels to the genitals.
Treatment principals: Initial office visit evaluates your condition and order a comprehensive blood testing including hormone test. The result indicates if any hormonal imbalance such as testosterone exist.
The first part of the treatment plan is to restore the hormone deficiency which is essential to recovery of sexual function. Hormone Pellet Therapy is the most effective restoration to last up to six months. Just one treatment every six months to keep balanced.
The next step to treat your ED is three to several sessions of 20 to 30 minutes of new acoustic wave therapy, each a few days apart. It is mostly without discomfort, and non-surgical.
Many patients show satisfactory improvement in their sexual functions. Patients upon each treatment can continue their normal activities.
Stem Cell Therapy using your blood to use growth factor in your stem cells and injected. This procedure has been effective and restores normal functions.
Valencia Medical Center offers Care Credit and in-house financing. For more information, please contact Valencia Medical Center at 661-222-9117. The office is located at 24159 Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia.

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