The five primary styles of Tai Chi Chuan are Chen, Yang, Old Wu, Wu and Sun.  The Yang style is the traditional form from which many other Tai Chi Chuan forms were taken.  Tai Chi Chuan went through several alterations as it was passed from master to student.  Some alterations were so divergent that they were recognizably different. 

This is how the Wu Style and Sun Style systems were created.  Even within the recognizable forms of Tai Chi Chuan, slight differences occurred which further divided even the five main styles.  The Yang style is the most traditional and popular form practiced in mainland China today.
Tai Chi Chuan produces strength physically by the proper repetition of the movements.  It generates qi (chi), inner energy, which revitalizes the physical system.  In addition, it builds inner strength or jin.  A calm mind and spirit combined with good health lead to higher levels of skill and self-knowledge.

Through the movements of Tai Chi, one can set the mind and body in balance.  It is not easy to do.  You want to make sure that for every movement in motion (yang) or at rest (yin) your body is moving together.  Through Tai Chi training, you can learn more about yourself and you can feel calm and peaceful all the time.  It is a kind of martial art, but it is a gentle martial art. It is not for attacking, but has powerful self-defense applications.

Tai Chi Chuan improves circulation, balance and helps to relax and strengthen the nervous system.  The stretching movements make the body limber, tones up muscles and helps release tension.  The practice creates a sense of well-being and is a way of harmonizing body and mind dynamically.  It fosters an inner quiet that nourishes awareness.

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