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by | Jan 1, 2016 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

 If you were born with naturally curly hair, most women with straight hair have been jealous of your hair at some point. Women with limp, stick-straight hair spend hours of their lives with curling irons trying to mimic what comes naturally to you. How do I know this? I heard about it every time I do a deva curl cut for a client and another client with straight hair would tell us about how much they love and wish they had curly hair.
Embrace the curl. In fact, many women are foregoing the flat iron and going natural. Lorraine Massey, author of Curly Girl: The Handbook says, “The freedom is just ridiculous.” If you go natural, your hair will be healthier, you’ll save time not drying or straightening hair and you’ll stand out in a sea of straight hair women. It is really simple, first you need a great deva cut that will give you a foundation to start your curly routine. Next, you need the right tools and products. Every head of curls is different and has different needs so what might work for your sister might not be the best for you. Some ladies like it soft and defined, others prefer it with more volume. But one of the great benefits of curly hair is that with a little bit of muscle or smoothing treatment, you can go straight. You can either do it yourself with a good brush, a blow dryer and a flat iron, or you can get a professional blow dry.
I have a friend with curly hair who gets her curly hair blown dried straight once a week. You’d never know she has naturally curly hair. The blow dryer can be a curly girl’s nightmare if used improperly. To avoid poof, deep condition your hair prior and after each blow dry and try to let the hair air dry as long as possible, then diffuse like with this amazing one from Deva. Hold the blow dryer under hair, cupping (not squeezing) curls in your palm up folding the hair accordion-style. Make sure that at least once a week you deep condition with DevaCurl Heaven in Hair.
All DevaCurl products are on sale for the month of January and February 20 percent off.  Get more tips on how to care for curly hair at your appointment for your deva cut at our Salon.  Lavish Salon is Located at 25269 N. The Old Road, suite K in Stevenson Ranch. For more information, please feel free to give us a call at 661-253-3483.

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